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Bruce Highway gets smarter

David White – Wednesday, October 31, 2012   

A new section of the Bruce Highway in Queensland has opened featuring the use of smart technology including STREAMS and one of our road schematics.
See the full article in Prime Mover Magazine and go for a stroll along the road schematic here  Read More . . .

Icons. The chorus line of context.

David White – Monday, October 29, 2012   

Bless the designers of iconic buildings for they are easy to represent as icons. The buildings, not the designers.    Read More . . .

How to produce train timetables that are fault free in six steps

Deirdre Wilson – Sunday, October 21, 2012   

We have been producing fault free timetables for six years now and want to share the process with you as it is the same process we use whenever we want to have a guaranteed, repeatable outcome.   Read More . . .

Schematics in the media

David White – Monday, September 03, 2012   

Integrating Traffic Systems Improves Management and Control   Read More . . .

Welcome to the only website in the world devoted to road schematics!

David White – Tuesday, June 05, 2012   

Why are there not more of them? Maybe because we are the only design company in the world who specialise in creating road schematics.    Read More . . .

Tasman Highway

David White – Monday, June 04, 2012   

Our first Tasmanian road schematic, the Tasman Highway, starts at Hobart, then heads to Cambridge, crossing the River Derwent via the Tasman Bridge at the botanic gardens.   Read More . . .

See our schematics in action

Deirdre Wilson – Monday, June 04, 2012   

See one of our schematics being integrated into the STREAMS Traffic Management System. Hint: scroll down after the jump. Schematics are a 'background' so are easily changed when there is an update to the road.   Read More . . .

Get in touch with us

David White – Saturday, May 01, 2010   

This odd little tender closes the gap between the jetty and a possibly more glorious boat. Room for improvement? Maybe – if the distance between jetty and destination is short, the water calm, the weather fine and the passengers few, unfussy and equipped with oars then this little tender will do the job.    Read More . . .

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About being sensible.

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