Websites for NGOs and Not-For-Profits

Uuurgh, websites are such a pain – particularly when NGOs and not-for-profits are already suffering pain from many pressures. 

Starting, creating content for, then maintaining and updating websites are an additional but essential pressure.

But it can be easier. We have come up with a plan designed to take the pain and the mystery out of creating websites and keeping them up to date.

We call it base +


It's getting harder to run a not-for-profit in the face of cut backs in funding, increasing demands and more pressures on staff.  Meanwhile your website needs updating and the resources to do that are never quite enough. There is, however, an  alternative that smooths out costs, gets better results and frees up staff and volunteer resources.


The reality  is that websites are never really finished. Once you get past the mountain of creation there is the endless slog of making updates, producing and sending newsletters , managing forums and email enquiries. 

But you staff are insanely busy with more immediate concerns once the website is live. So pages remain empty, updates don’t get done and any training we do at launch time is quickly forgotten. 


Our approach is designed to create a website for you that starts with the basics and improves as you need it to. We’ll make sure it is always up to date. We'll keep in touch, make improvements, update your blog and social media, look after SEO, manage keywords, send out newsletters and fix anything that breaks.

The deal

It's a subscription. Paid monthly. Over two years. We start with the base pack and add as you require. Add functionality when you need it or when you can afford it, selected from our affordable and very sensible functionality packs. 

The fine print

What happens after the two years are up? Either we redesign and start again or we reduce the plan to a maintenance plan and your costs reduce.

Can you sort out your own hosting? No, why would you want to bother. We use Business Catalyst, an all-in-one, fully hosted and managed system. More?

Want to get the conversation started?

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Basics. Know what they are. Get them right. Repeat.

About being sensible.

Reading List

Reading List

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