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Here for the long haul

Online businesses built on the Business Catalyst platform are incredibly versatile with loads of functionality - such as shopping carts, content management, blogs, image galleries, and much more. But they do need maintenance to ensure they stay secure and highly functional and you will need help from time to time with both maintenance and updating the content.

Here are our support packages, designed to help you stick to your budget and have a healthy, happy website.

Website Guarantee

Hothouse Design

For 30 days after the date that your website goes live we will fix anything that is not working, add anything that is part of the original scope and hasn't yet gone live, do any content updates (yes, we will make changes to supplied content in those 30 days) and provide any amount of training required free of cost.

After that date all training, updates and support will be provided via one of our utterly reasonable support, training or updates packages.

The purpose of this guarantee is to encourage you to get your site live, rather than perfect it, and focus for 30 days on finishing it off and getting trained.

Support and Training

Fixes anything that is broken
Questions answered
Solutions demonstrated
Anything you need: new / updates / fixes / training
Submitted via the Helpdesk
Remote one-on-one training using screen sharing technology
Custom made tutorials stored on your client page


Prepaid support Adhoc Support
Discounted rate – pay for 4 hours, get 5 Pay as you go
Time allocated in 15 minute blocks Time charged in 15 minute blocks
Doesn’t expire Invoiced at end of month

Content Updates

We know that keeping your website up to date can be a bit of a chore. So we offer an updating service at a bargain basement rate to encourage you to keep your website up to date. This is for updating content and adding new content only.

Use this service for:

Blogs – adding blog posts
Shop – adding new content or changing existing content
Pages – updating content or adding content
Images – adding or changing images
Videos – adding or changing videos
Document downloads – adding or changing document downloads
News – adding news items


Prepaid only
Prepaid ie. Invoiced at time of purchase in 4 hour blocks and used as required
Discounted at 50%
Time allocated in 15 minute blocks

Basics. Know what they are. Get them right. Repeat.

About being sensible.

Reading List

Reading List

Find great books to read in our reading list. Purchase through our links to support the charities we support through our affiliate programs.

Latest book suggestion:

Turn the ship around! by David Marquet


Affliate Programs and Amazon are the two affiliate programs we are in. We chose these because they are our favourite learning sources. Revenue from these affiliate programs is split between the charities we have as paying clients at the end of each financial year.

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